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Offering a Wide Variety Of Fun & Effective Fitness Classes

Getting into shape can be a daunting challenge. With our focused attention and expert instruction, you will feel comfortable, totally energized, and encouraged by instructors who understand your abilities.  At American Health, we offer a wide variety of fun & effective fitness classes, so you can surround yourself with supportive individuals who are also working at their fitness level toward their goals.  Join our classes at American Health, and with our encouragement & support, you will reap the benefits!!  See Special class additions posted each month to try!

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This HIIT is a total body workout that uses steps, BOSU balance trainers, balls, weights, bars, etc. Tabata uses short interval bursts of cardio and strength to challenge the total body.


Build the body you want with strength, power, flexibility, balance, and mobility using suspension training straps and various conditioning tools. Give our strap suspension training a try and just watch the results.

Total Body Muscle Pump

This is a strength training and endurance workout that involves weights, body bars, tubing / bands, medicine balls, etc. We have the tools for all levels. Muscle Pump with cardio infusion offers total body training with cardio bursts.

Rebounding Mini Trampoline

This is a fun and exhilarating cardio workout on a mini trampoline that builds stamina, muscle, and balance.  While subjecting the body to accelerated gravitational pull and lymphatic flow, we burn more fat than the same type of excersize on floor or treadmill, all while strengthening your entire body.

Group Aerobic Training

Mini Trampoline Rebounder

Core Trampoline Workout

TRX Suspension Class


TRX Suspension Class at American Health Fitness Center

American Health
Fitness Center

Video Ball Bounce

Cycle Classes

Bikes are a terrific mode of cardio/interval training. American Health offers intermediate to advanced levels.

Kick Box Cardio

This energy packed cardio/muscle conditioning workout uses non-contact boxing and karate techniques for all levels.

H2O Classes

These classes provide a zero-impact, total body workout, utilizing the natural buoyancy and resistant qualities of the water. Try our boot camp in the water.

Core Pole Workouts

This is a total-body-conditioning, calorie-burning workout with constant core challenge. It uses positive and negative resistance tubing that's anchored to the core pole unit. Our core pole workouts are done at all levels.

Cardio Core

Cardio Core is a real effctive cardio workout that involves a medicine ball, corebar, bender ball, and BOSU balance trainer to chisel the middle. You will see the change.


This is a fun, Latin dance workout for all levels. Learn, move, laugh and feel great.

Core Workouts With Pilates

We mix various modes of resistance (like BOSU balance trainers, medicine and bender balls, stability balls, and rebounders) to challenge your middle.


Our yoga classes will lengthen, tone, and stretch the entire body. We also focus on breathing properly to achieve the maximum benefit.